Thomas Van de Putte studied History at the University of Ghent and Nationalism Studies at Central European University. He has worked as a journalist for Reuters and as a freelance journalist for various broadcasters and newspapers across Europe.

Academically, Van de Putte was a research fellow at the Walter Benjamin Kolleg in Bern, and will start his PhD at King’s College London in October 2016.

Basic information

Thomas Van de Putte
History, Democracy
United Kingdom

Supported projects

Dilemmas of Democracy

  • Justice
  • Politics

The 20th century has been characterised by the granting of a diverse range of rights to different segments of society. But for some of these rights, we haven’t found the ideal democratic ways to organise them yet. Three cases.

Living in Auschwitz

  • Armed conflict

Auschwitz evokes images of wooden barracks and gas chambers in which millions of Jews were gassed and burned during the Second World War. But it is also an average Polish village where 40,000 people live who are ordinary bakers, postmen or IT consultants.