The 20th century has been characterised by the granting of a diverse range of rights to different segments of society. But for some of these rights, we haven’t found the ideal democratic ways to organise them yet. Three cases.

In recent years, multiple important intellectuals and politicians have argued that the 20th century European democracy should evolve into a democracy of the 21st century: democracies should become more deliberative and direct. But in this process of ongoing democratic transformation, we tend to forget that there are some democratic issues of the 20th century that we have not solved yet.

Thomas Van de Putte investigates three cases in which societies struggle to democratically organise the rights granted to different segments of society in the last century: animal rights, childrens rights, and citizenship rights.

Team members

Thomas Van de Putte

Thomas Van de Putte studied History at the University of Ghent and Nationalism Studies at Central European University. He has worked as a journalist for Reuters and as a freelance journalist for various broadcasters and newspapers across Europe.

A working grant of € 5,000 allocated on 27/11/2015.


Dilemma's van de democratie (1) - 2 mei 2016 - Apache.be (in Dutch)
Dilemma's van de democratie (2) - 9 mei 2016 - Apache.be (in Dutch)
Dilemma's van de democratie (3) - 16 mei 2016 - Apache.be (in Dutch)

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