BRUSSELS - A total of 41 applications were filed for Journalismfund.eu’s September 2012 application round, more than double the average number of applications that were filed in previous rounds.

The launch of the new website, an electronic newsletter and a brand new Facebook page improved and widened Journalismfund.eu’s communicative reach, resulting in a giant increase in the number of applications and journalists who filed them. A total of 77 journalists applied individually or as a team. Now for the first time, significantly more men than women applied: 50 versus 27.

Applications came in from all over Europe, and even further, amounting to 28 different countries in total. Of all the journalists who applied, by far most are from Romania (12) and Italy (10). Also well-represented are Germany (8), France (5), Latvia (4) and The Netherlands (4). The UK, Spain and Lithuania each had 3 journalists apply or support an application.

The total amount asked for was 314,451 Euros, while there is only 20,000 to spend. The jury will have a very hard time deciding…

Results January 2019: European Cross-border Grants


BRUSSELS - For the first round of 2019, 17 applications were submitted to the European Cross-border Grants jury. There was balanced participation of men and women in the 17 teams (24 female and 26 male journalists).

Apply now for Money Trail training in Abuja


As part of the Money Trail project, Finance Uncovered and Free Press Unlimited, offer training courses focused on how to investigate tax abuse, money laundering and corruption plus digital safety. The next training will take place in Abuja, bursaries are available!

'Slavery of Care' nominated for Belfius-persprijs


BRUSSELS - Slavery of Care, a Journalismfund.eu-supported project has been nominated for the prestigious Belfius Press Awards, in the category 'Television Press'. The investigation revealed the systemic exploitation of Bulgarian women in the care sector in Belgium and the Netherlands.