ITALY - Italy: it is not a neighbouring country and yet it often feels like it is. But how well do we know that country and its people? Couldn't our knowledge of Italy and the Italians, almost seventy years after they emigrated en masse to our country, reach a little further? 

Italians would be passionate and driven, but also noisy, superficial and chaotic. We reproach them for allowing organized crime to thrive for generations, but at the same time, we let ourselves be seduced by the 'romantic' image of the mafia that TV series and films present to us.

Through fifteen stories - about politics, religion, gastronomy, emigration and culture, among other things - Ine Roox compellingly paints a nuanced and varied picture of a country that deserves to be better known.

Team members

Ine Roox

Ine Roox is a Belgian journalist.

€ 4.000 allocated on 4/10/2012 (€ 3.000 used)


  • Title: Italië (Italy)
  • Subtitle: De schaduwkant van een zonovergoten land (The dark side of a sun-drenched country)
  • Author: Ine Roox
  • Editor: De Bezige Bij Antwerpen
  • Year: 2014
  • Pages: 336
  • Price: €22,5
  • ISBN: 9789085425151


  • Grande, Juni 2014

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