Lon Landau is a promising Jewish set designer, whose life takes a dramatic turn during WWII. He's imprisoned in Kazerne Dossin in Mechelen, but he decides to remain optimistic and to do what he can best: build dream worlds.

LON is an ode to the power of imagination and shows how people keep their dignity in difficult times. With this animation documentary, a story of more than 75 years old comes back to life.

LON has been selected for the prestigious IDFA film festival in Amsterdam, where it competed for the prize in the competition category 'Best Short Documentary'.

Team members

Nina Landau

Nina studied Criminology and Political Science at the VUB. She started her career in 2012 as a journalist at the Belgian national broadcaster VRT. She was writing (political) news for deredactie.be, but soon felt the call of the audiovisual sector. That same year she made the switch to TV: since then she has realized numerous reports for TV, companies and organizations.

Jamie MacLean

After a training at the SAE in Amsterdam, Jamie started working on the audio post production of Videohouse. For five years he provided the mix, voice-over recordings and sound design of numerous TV programs and documentaries (The Voice, Prematuurtjes, Femme De La Rue, ...).

Penelope Deltour

Penelope studied graphic design after her study illustration to also control and apply the technical side of graphic design.
After that she started working as a designer in a creative printing company and in the meantime built her creative career.

A working grant of € 4,930 allocated May 2014.




Belgian National Broadcaster VRT/Canvas, 19/11/2017.

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