BELGIUM - Since its establishment in 1850, the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) has been seen as one of the most reliable, but also most mysterious, institutions in the country. After the introduction of the euro, our Belgian notes and coins disappeared, and the NBB seemed like a relic from the past. What is its reason of existence today?

What role did the central bank play during and after the financial crisis, when our banks were on the brink of collapse? And how loud does its voice sound in the choir of the large European Central Bank in Frankfurt?

With a great sense of detail, Véronique Goossens tells what is going on behind the scenes at the National Bank. The Moneymakers is about money that determines our daily lives and about central bankers who are first and foremost people.

Véronique Goossens

Véronique Goossens is chief opinion leader and deputy chief economist at the Belgian bank Belfius. 

€ 6.000 allocated on 1/07/2016.

BOEK (in Dutch)

Titel: De Geldmakers
Auteur: Veronique Goossens
Uitgeverij: Polis
ISBN: ISBN 9789463101639
Aantal pagina’s: 292
Verschijningsdatum: 30/1/2017



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