BRUSSELS - When is the use of a subsidy for an independent entrepreneur justified and when is there abuse? Sofie Van Nuffel came across statements that suggest that not everything can be guaranteed by trust alone. 

A fully automated system must ensure better detection of misuse of the SME portfolio. Between 2011 and January 2019 a total of more than 4.6 million euros of unlawful subsidies had to be repaid. Flemish minister Hilde Crevits is now cutting back on subsidies, which still amount to a total of 40 million euros. Crevits also promises "extra measures so that not every training can be subsidised".

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Sofia Van Nuffel

Sofia Van Nuffel is a Belgian freelance investigative journalist.

Sofia Van Nuffel
€ 750 allocated on 16/12/2019.

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Artificiële intelligentie moet misbruik KMO-portefeuille opsporen, Apache, 17/01/2020.

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