NEW YORK - The documentary 'Pride is Protest' offers an insight into the LGBTQ scene in New York, 50 years after Stonewall. Marieke Dermul and Filip Tielens went to New York for a week in June 2019 during the biggest Pride ever. They talked to a veteran of the 1969 riots about positive changes, but also to young LGBT people, transgenders and people of colour about discrimination in the year 2019. What do they think should be fought for today? And how does that translate into contemporary activism and protest, besides the great party that a Pride is every time again?

In New York, Marieke and Filip discover also many alternative marches with 10.000's of participants, besides the big Pride. They not only protest against Trump or police violence, but also against how the Pride has evolved and against the hierarchy and discrimination within the LGBTQ community itself. In this way, the Dyke March and the Queer Liberation March reconnect with the original goal of the first Pride from 1970, this year exactly 50 years ago: protest.


Team members

Marieke Dermul

Marieke Dermul is digital storyteller and director.

Filip Tielens

Filip Tielens is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Philip Heremans

Philip Heremans is a Belgian filmmaker and actor.

€ 5.500 allocated on 16/12/2019.


Pride is protest, Vranckx/De Nomaden, VRT (Belgian public broadcaster), 16/05/2020.

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