The Sinking Cities Project is an ambitious, six city investigation into how coastal area are preparing for the threat of climate change-caused sea level rise. Brought to you by Unbias the News and The Dublin Inquirer, the investigation targeted Alexandria, Egypt; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Dublin, Ireland; Karachi, Pakistan; Lagos, Nigeria and Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The investigation revealed that cities are taking vastly different approaches to their preparation, but almost all are continuing to allow unrestricted real estate development and business activity, to the detriment of natural defenses such as wetlands. The disconnect between scientific recommendations and government action, as well as the disconnect between the level of risk and the level of global action and investment, presents a major concern for the destiny of coastal cities. The homes of millions of people and the economic centers of many countries are thus at risk of under preparation.

Visit the project website to read reports from each of the cities. hunbiasthenews.org/sinking-cities/

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Team members

Rehab Abdalmohsen

Rehab Abdalmohsen is an Egyptian independent science journalist and water reporter.

Rehab Abdalmohsen

Shamsuddin Illius

Shamsuddin Illius is a print and online journalist (Bangladesh) specializing in climate change, environmental, refugees, and migration issues. 

Shamsuddin Illius

Lois Kapila

Lois Kapila is an editor and reporter at Dublin Inquirer. 

Lois Kapila

Zuha Siddiqui

Zuha Siddiqui is a journalist covering the environment, technology and human rights.

Ope Adetayo

Ope Adetayo is a freelance journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ope Adetayo

Zuza Nazaruk

Zuza Nazaruk is a freelance journalist writing about environmental and social sustainability, migration, and public policy.

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