The fact that ordinary Palestinians have suffered the effects of the Israeli occupation for over fifty years is something that everyone knows. This is shown by the countless articles and reports that reach the public every day. But how the Palestinian population also suffers from the autocratic leadership of its own politicians and administrators and their crippling internal quarrels is less known.

This drama is the theme in the book by Els van Diggele.  Based in Ramallah, she did several years of in-depth research behind the scenes of Palestinian society. She describes a country with conflicts that often date from more than a hundred years ago.

'We hate each other more than the Jews' offers a unique insight into this society and exposes the painful brotherly struggle in the Palestinian ranks. The encounters with dissident Palestinians who are not afraid to tell about this uncomfortable truth provide the reader with a truthful picture of the bizarre reality in Palestinian society.

Team members

Els van Diggele

Els van Diggele is a historian, journalist, writer, editor and is researching the history of Palestinian society and recent socio-economic changes.


A working grant of € 7,000 allocated on 11/05/2011.


Wij haten elkaar meer dan de Joden. Tweedracht in de Palestijnse maatschappij. (We hate each other more than the Jews. Discord in the Palestinian society)

Author: Els van Diggele
Language: Dutch
Editor: Athenaeum
ISBN: 9789025307141
Pages: 320

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