KAMPALA - Having a child with a disability poses severe challenges to parents, making their lives more difficult. For parents living in a very poor developing country it’s even more challenging.

Do you go to the hospital when you earn less than a dollar a day? How many years can you carry on when your husband left you after giving birth? How many insults can you bear? For some parents it goe too far, and they give up and kill their own child. Some do so by intentionally starving their child, or by not giving essential medicines, while others do so by brutally killing their disabled child.

For lack of a better word in Uganda these murders are called ‘mercy killing’, the word itself suggests taboo. It happens behind closed doors. The parents grant themselves mercy by doing so. After years of frustrations that come with taking care of their disabled child they give up. They want their life back. We show stories of parents struggling with the efforts and sacrifices related to caring for their disabled child. We tell the story of a disabled child who survived a murder attempt. And we have two shocking confessions of mothers who just gave up and killed their own child.

You can watch the documentary on the 17th of February 2018 on Canvas, a Belgian television station.

This project was funded through Journalismfund.eu's Flanders Connects Continents grant programme.

Gerald Bareebe

Gerald Bareebe works as a political reporter for The Daily Monitor, Uganda's largest independent daily.
He is an award winning Ugandan journalist. The World Bank listed him in the world’s top 10 for human rights activists. He is specialised in investigative journalism. One of his articles led to a military officer being sentenced to prison for 14 years.

Luk Dewulf

Luk is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. He already made several investigative news reports and documentaries. His general objective is to achieve the best research to capture shocking stories. He goes the extra mile to produce in-depth content.

Inge Wagemakers

Nominated - Belfius Press prize 2015 / Won - Belfius Press prize 2013.

Inge holds a PhD in development studies. She co-produced several documentaries with Luk. She is an expert in inclusive education. Her general objective is to foster social inclusion for children with disabilities, in all contexts.

grant of €4,000 allocated on 15 July 2016
Flanders Connects Continents
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  • Human Rights
  • Justice


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Mercy Killing - Canvas (Vranckx en de Nomaden), 17 February 2018

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