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Jennifer Baker

Jennifer Baker is a European (Irish) journalist based in Brussels specialising in EU policy and legislation in the technology sector.

Jens Finnäs

Jens Finnäs is a Swedish journalist.

Johanna Vehkoo

Johanna Vehkoo is a Finnish journalist at Long Play. 

John Grobler

John Grobler is a veteran investigative reporter based in Windhoek, Namibia, from where he has written for South Africa’s Mail & Guardian as well as The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde Diplomatique, and others.

John-Allan Namu

John-Allan Namu is an investigative journalist and the CEO of Africa Uncensored, an investigative and in-depth journalism production house in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Jörg Zipprick

Jörg Zipprick, born in 1965 in Cologne, Germany, has worked as a journalist and author since 1991.

Josa Maria-Schlegel

Josa Maria-Schlegel is a German journalist at ARD.

Jules van Hal

Jules van Hal (1987) studied Slavic studies at the University of Amsterdam. He worked as a contributing editor for the journalistic start-up Yournalism.

Julien Le Bot

Julien Le Bot is a French journalist.

Julien Le Bot

Kai Biermann

Kai Biermann is German journalist at Zeit Online.

Katalin Erdelyi

Katalin Erdelyi (1982) is a Hungarian journalist at Atlatszo.

Katarina Lind

Katarina Lind is a Swedish journalist at Journalism ++.

Katerina Stavroula

Katerina Stavroula is a freelance reporter, data journalist and communication specialist based in Athens.

Khadija Sharife

Khadija Sharife is an investigative writer and researcher based in South Africa.

Koit Brinkmann

Koit Brinkmann is an Estonian journalist.

Kolawole Talabi

Kolawole Talabi is an independent journalist from Nigeria. 

Kristof Clerix

Kristof Clerix works as an investigative journalist for the Belgian weekly magazine Knack.

Krisztian Simon

Krisztian Simon is a doctoral candidate at the Freie Universität in Berlin, where his research focuses on media development in Eastern and Central Europe.

Kyle G. Brown

Kyle G. Brown is a Paris-based journalist who has reported for numerous media outlets, including The Guardian, BBC, France 24, Al Jazeera, CBC, the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.

Lars Bové

Lars Bové, Belgium is a journalist and coordinator of investigative journalism at the Belgian newspaper DeTijd.

Lasse Skou Andersen

Lasse Skou Andersen is a Danish journalist at Dagbladet Information.

Laurence Soustras

Laurence Soustras is a French freelance journalist based in Paris. 

Leon de Korte

Leon de Korte is a journalist at De Correspondent.

Leonard Wallentin

Leonard Wallentin is a freelance journalist and concept developer in the J ++ network based in Sweden.

Lina Vdovîi

Lina Vdovîi is a Moldovan-born journalist. She started working as a reporter for Opinia Studenteasca in Iasi, Romania.

Lisa Bjurwald

Lisa Bjurwald is a Swedish journalist and author based in Stockholm.

Loes Verhaeghe

Loes Verhaeghe is passionate about global relationships. She has previously published in Belgian online press.

Lorenzo Bagnoli

Lorenzo Bagnoli is board member of the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), a centre for investigative journalism based in Italy.

Lorenzo Bodrero

Lorenzo Bodrero (1979) is an Italian investigative journalist and data journalist and founder of IRPI.

Lorenzo Di Pietro

Lorenzo Di Pietro is a Rome-based investigative journalist with a data-driven approach.